From underwriting and acquisition to asset management and property improvement, our principals personally supervise every step of a project. We raise capital with prospective partners whose vision—a vision of ameliorating or building financially, structurally, and collectively-sound properties—aligns with our investments.

We are a family office run on family values, set by a foundation of ‘keep moving forward.’ As the market changes, so do we. We adapt and adjust accordingly per investment, with necessary pivots or a commitment to course.


Process Flow

Each property is a home for a family or a business, and we aim to treat each one with that type of responsibility.

We have a proven four-step process for maximum returns:

We consider factors such as geographic location and upward market trends when looking at properties from coast to coast.
Once a property is distinguished and underwritten, the potential for advantageous and financial viability steers our risk-averse approach.
Our strong, trustworthy, and long-term investor relationships institute the bedrock of a successful acquisition or development.
After Lev develops a meticulous plan of action for a newly- secured property, we begin revamping and supervising daily operations.