Lev Investments, Inc. is a national real estate investment firm with corporate offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, and San Diego that was established to invest in a diversified portfolio of U.S. based real estate and real estate related opportunities.

Founded in 2003, Lev Investments is a sophisticated, entrepreneurial real estate investment company that can manage complex transactions with speed and expertise and is well positioned to capitalize on the inefficiencies in all market cycles. The investment management and asset management team has in-depth experience in major real estate product types, including multifamily housing and retail. Lev Investments employs a value-added strategy of capitalizing on the current income and capital appreciation characteristics of an investment to generate risk-adjusted returns for its partners. Lev Investments’ entrepreneurial philosophy and institutional infrastructure enable the firm to proactively access the broad real estate market.

Lev Investments has executed numerous transactions in all major product types and U.S. geographic locations during the past years to create superior returns for its investors through the ownership, management and enhancement of individual properties.

Lev Investments was created with a commitment and passion to support our partners in achieving their financial goals. As a result, Lev Investments maintains a very low cost of operation and does not charge our partners any fees. Our working assumption is that we do not get paid until our partners achieve their financial expectations.

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